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Thank you so much for a great trip!  Everyone was impressed on how accommodating the host and your crew were and how good the food was.  Yellowstone was wonderful.  We all want to come back!

Sorah B Family Reunion

Yellowstone 2018

California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Carolinas


Chuckie's provided great service with attention to details.  Our trip was terrific and we felt pampered with fresh hot kosher food, services and amenities in the middle of the wilderness.  This is coming from a jew who does not like vacationing with lots of other people and doing the whole Jewish geography thing - so that's saying a lot!

Shoshana B.

Yellowstone 2017

We went camping with Chuckie's in Glacier National Park with two of our children and with another family that we are friendly with.  The equipment was great and set up for us.  The food was excellent, the chefs were delightful and Rabbi Nosenchuk was a pleasure to be around.  Our kids were off media the entire time!  The lake was gorgeous and the hikes were amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Goldman Family

Glacier 2017


"Thank you for everything.  I really enjoyed my visit to Acadia, especially enhanced by your and your very capable, delightful team.  I'm so glad that I went.  I missed hearing the wind blowing through the treetops when I went to sleep after my return last night.

-Ruth Hyman

Acadia 2017

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you.  I could not have planned our trip without you.  Thanks for a great job tailored to our needs."


Vancouver 2017


""We woke up the morning after the trip to the reality that there would not be an awesome breakfast buffet waiting for us and that the minyan would be indoors."

-Claire and Robert Sigal

Glacier 2016

"The hard work and accommodations that you made for us.  We would have probably never made it out to Yellowstone if it wasn't for your organized trip.  The menu was fantastic!  It was like a 5 star hotel but in camping.  We hope to join you on  another trip someday."


-S.hiri Burkwitz

Yellowstone 2015

"The ease with which we were able to go camping - something we've been wanting to do but don't know how to.  The food was great!  Everything was set up and super convenient.  The trip was perfect!!!!!  We would love to come again!!! Our extended family is also very much considering."


-S.N. Gross

Acadia 2015

"Camping with the  Nosenchuks has been a thrilling experience. They took care of everything imaginable and we were able to enjoy the great outdoors with our family without the hassle of needing to pack and shlep everything  . Our kids talk about the trip and enjoy the photos all year long. Highly, highly recommend this, you'll never forget the moments spent on your trip!"


-Shragi and Aleeza G

Acadia 2014

"Our camping trip in Acadia National Park was a once in a lifetime experience.  We visited a part of the countly we probably never would've made it to on our own, had every detail taken care of for us, and had fabulous gourmet meals and thoughtfully packed lunches.   We got to make fires, roast marshmallows, hike mountains, and see the legnedary rocky coast of Maine.  You've got to try it!"


-Devorah Shifrin

Acadia 2015


The Nosenchuks introduced us to camping in 2006 on a trip to Acadia National Park.  Coming from Brooklyn, NY this was something totally new (and a bit scary!)  for us.  We are so glad we took the plunge and did it! Some of our best family memories were formed on that trip. Since then, we've camped many times with the Nosenchuks. Camping is real clean, healthy, technology free, quality family fun that is unparalleled by anything else. They make camping easy, fun and enjoyable.  They are serious pros and make the sport accessible for us and our  Kosher needs"


-Chesky and Aviva Weiss

Multiple Trips and itineraries


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