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questions about kosher camping


Q: How does this work, exactly what are you providing?


A: We take care of all the logistics involved in organizing your adventure.  We will help you choose  a destination , arrange accommodations depending on your preferences, plan your itinerary and provide you with fresh gourmet meals. You can choose to stay at top luxury hotels, cabins or tents (or all of the above on one trip) . If you are tent camping, we set the site up for you so that you don't have to shlep it all across the country and worry about setting it up correctly.  Food preparation can be complicated in the wilderness as it is  difficult to get food to remote locations, so we provide a chef who cooks five star freshly cooked meals.  We are experienced in what it takes to feed people in the most remote but most beautiful places.


Q: Can you customize a nature  trip  that is hotel based or a combination of hotels and camping?


A:  Some people love nature trips, but prefer to sleep in a hotel.  Some prefer the eperiene of a tent at least part of the time,  We have experience planning trips where we stay at hotels, cabins, lodges or tents.  Some of our trips have been to multiple destinations.  For example, we had one trip that included a combination of flight/road trip to Glacier Mountain National Park, MT, Mount Rushmore, SD, Arches, UT and Grand Canyon, AZ.  We've also led trips with a few nights in a hotel and only one day of camping.  Private trips are customized to your specific needs.

Q: I want family privacy on this trip, will I have that?


A:  Absolutely.  Enjoying nature adventures is an experience that lends itself to bonding with those that you are traveling with.  We, the hosts, will be accompanying you and are very experienced in giving you the privacy to make your trip special while making sure that you have experienced guides to take care of your needs.  If you choose to camp in a tent, the hosts will be staying on a site within the campground where all the meals will be cooked, and you will stay on your own private accommodations  or fully prepared campsite within the same campground.  

Q: How does the cabin-based camping work?


A:  Very similar to the tent camping.  We will stay at a cabin campground.  Cabins have more amenities than the campground including heating and air-conditioning, electricity, refrigerator, bedding and towels.  Food will be cooked at the host-cabin to be taken to your own private cabin to enjoy.

Q: Can I bring children or seniors?


A: Of course.  Kids love the wilderness!  We have experience traveling with very young children to seniors!  We've even been camping with someone who was wheelchair bound!  Camping is fun for everyone.

Q: How many people can you fit at each campsite?


A: Cabins come in all different sizes and we can help you find one to accomodate your group.  Tent camsites typically fits 6 to 8 people.  If you are traveling with a larger family or group,  we  can set up more tents on two or more adjoining sites.

Q: Why can't I just do this myself? What do you add that makes it different?


A:  We have a lot of experience and have been taking people on nature adventures for many years.  We know the destinations, where to stay, what to see, what to do and how to get around.  We know how to store and prepare food in the wilderness -even in a campground without electricity.  We know what gear you need and how to set it up.  We know how to choose the best accommodations whether a hotel, tent or cabin,  and how to make your nature adventure an enjoyable experience. 


Q: Are there things to do?  Can you help with planning our itinerary?


A:  We have traveled extensively throughout each destination and we will share our experience with you, We will arrange the itinerary and plan your activities to best suit your needs.  Let us plan the most incredible trip for you and your group.

Q: I want to go on a private family trip to somewhere that will suit my family's needs.  Can you do that?


A:  Whether it is for a  family trip, corporate/organization trip, simcha, family reunion, or just because, we can customize a trip for any sized group.  We have led private trips for two people and for larger families.  We can help you with choosing a destination that will work for your group.  We will customize your itinerary based on the level and type of activities that you would like to do.  We will accompany you on your trip and take care of all of the logistics so that you can just sit back and enjoy.

Q: I want to do a family reunion. How many people do I need to bring to create a custom trip?


A:  We can customize a trip for any sized group starting from one person to very large groups. 

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